Do’s and Don’ts For Your New Puppy

Do’s and Don’ts For Your New Puppy.


This is just for general information, Concern Vet for more assistant.


Let’s talk on what you should do and what you should avoid after getting a puppy.





  • Do give your puppy some space to adjust in your surroundings.


  • Do feed best quality pet feed for proper growth.


  • Do reward them when caught on doing right thing and always praise them with their favorite treat.


  • Do Introduce your puppy with people in your surrounding that’ll socialize your puppy and will make him friendly.


  • Do take your puppy outside frequently, after meals and drinking water that’ll adopt a good habit of going out for eliminating urine & feces.


  • Do give him chewing toys that’ll give him good jaw exercise and will blunt his teeth.




  • DON’T rush to clinic, if possible ask your veterinary to visit your place.


  • DON’T over feed your puppy, over feeding can put your puppy in “Gastric” trouble.


  • DON’T leave food available all the time. Dogs often gain excessive weight and may become finicky eaters if allowed to eat any time of the day.


  • DON’T take him out for walk before vaccination, consult a Vet and make sure your puppy is fully vaccinated.


  • DON’T allow your puppy to bite your fingers or stop him if he chew household stuffs.


  • DON’T use heavy-handed discipline. Excessive punishment can often make a dog fearful and create behaviour problems. Only discipline a dog with a loud deep noise or grip on the nape of the neck if you catch him or her “in the act.” If more than three seconds have passed, the dog will not associate the punishment with the discipline.


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