Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

Things To Know Before Getting Your First Puppy.


This is just for general info for further assistant consult a vet.


Some important points to be considered


  • Are you sure about a puppy?
  • What size of breed should you prefer
  • From where should you get your puppy
  • Keep your things safe
  • Find the right Veterinary


Are you sure about a puppy?


  • Having a puppy seems like great fun everyone wants to get a puppy to make their life joyful but along with fun comes a great responsibility. A puppy needs to be taken care of more than a human baby, and more time consuming too. A puppy has to be fed 4 to 5 times a day and in proper quantity. If you have never had a puppy, then you might not realize what you’re about to get into. It’s one thing to be ready to get a dog, especially an adult dog. Raising a puppy requires an even higher level of commitment.


  • A puppy might wake you up several times at midnight. It might be because the puppy needs to go outside or maybe just bored.


  • We have to keep an eye on them as they are destructive as they like to chew, lick & eat things in their surroundings.


  • If you get a small puppy, be prepared to spend a lot of extra time especially for first few months.


What size of breed should you prefer?


  • You’ve gone through pros and cons of getting a puppy & you think you’re well prepared to bring up puppy then Congratulations!!


  • Now let’s take a look from where to begin, I mean there’s a lot kind of breeds available in market, varied sizes of breed.


  • What size of dog do you prefer small or Giant? Generally I would like to prefer “small & Medium Breeds” for indoor as small dogs often do better in smaller spaces. Food, supplies, and medications are more expensive for large and giant dogs.


  • How much exercise can you provide for an adult dog? Would you like your dog to be energetic or stay calm in Adulthood?


  • Some breeds are blessed with long coat so might be you have to deal with shedding too. You may need groomer on regular basis can you afford this?


From where should you get your puppy?


  • Once you’re clear which kind of puppy is suitable for you, it’s time to begin your search.


  • If possible try to adopt a stray dog; they are absolutely wonderful & extremely underrated. You can easily find a stray puppy in your neighborhood surroundings, even at your nearby shelters.


  • Might be you have some specific breed preference; you may love a Purebred puppy. If you want to buy a purebred puppy you’ll have to be responsible. Start looking for an experienced breeder with a genuine reputation. Avoid backyard breeder and sellers; you can prefer “Pet shop” that has good experience and knowledge in breeds.


Keep Your Things Safe


  • Before getting a puppy make sure you create a puppy friendly environment, as they have destructive nature they’ll probably lick and bite every possible thing around them.


  • All you can do is keep things in such way where a puppy can’t reach, or we can say keep things at certain height.


  • Make sure you’re giving them “chewing toys” to avoid their destructive as they urge to chew things, give them their own space and make them feel comfortable.


  • Basically you need to puppy proof your home.


Find the Right Veterinary.


  • After getting a puppy give some space make it feel comfortable, after all puppy came all the way to a new place.


  • I personally prefer you to ask your veterinary if he visits your place for check-up & Vaccination, as if there’s a chance for you puppy to catch unwanted disease. I prefer not to rush for a clinic until there’s some emergency.


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